Local Behavioral Health Authorities

Maryland law (Health General § 10-1201) establishes there is a Local Behavioral Health Authority (LBHA) or a Core Service Agency (CSA) and Local Addictions Authority (LAA) for non-integrated jurisdictions in every county in Maryland and Baltimore City. The term LBHA is being used collectively to include LBHA, CSA, and LAA entities. LBHAs have four essential roles:

Leadership: To provide behavioral health leadership, including collaboration to develop a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health services for the PBHS
at the local level and, where possible, develop innovative approaches that could be replicated in other jurisdictions.

Oversight: To promote quality within the local system of care and partner with regulating authorities in the PBHS to
ensure compliance with
statewide standards at the
local level.

Management: To assess, plan, design, and manage needed behavioral health programs and services for the PBHS at the local level while supporting BHA to carry out statewide initiatives when needed.

Operations: To be good stewards of public funds by efficiently and equitably managing operations and administrative functions of
the LBHA.

Mission:  MABHA supports a strong behavioral health system of care by using our collective voice to educate, advocate and build collaborative partnerships, effecting lasting change and improving the lives of all people in Maryland.

Vision:  All Marylanders will have equitable access to services to thrive in communities that
               support emotional health, well-being, and recovery.