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We are responsible for planning, managing, and monitoring public behavioral health services at the county level in the state of Maryland.

All Marylanders will have access to a comprehensive, effective, and responsive behavioral health system of care.

The Maryland Association of Behavioral Health Authorities, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1997.

Our members, Core Service Agencies (CSAs), Local Addiction Authorities (LAAs), and Local Behavioral Health Authorities (LBHAs), in conjunction with the State of Maryland Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) and the Administrative Services Organization, manage Maryland’s Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS) at the local level.

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Behavioral Health Facts

Mental illness is a medical condition that alters an individual’s thoughts, moods, memory, and ability to get along with others.

List of Resources

This page provides you a current listing of resources in the state of Maryland for coping with mental illness and substance use disorders

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Click below for a listing of county-level assistance for mental health and substance use disorders.